Sunday, May 3, 2015

BESTIES BOOK LAUNCH: An Affair w/ Georgina Wilson & Solenn Heussaff

'Where was I on May 1, 2015?', you may ask.
Oh, I was at the BESTIES Book Launch of Georgina Wilson & Solenn Heussaff!
What is so special with this book launch???

Surely SM Megamall fans won't let this selfie & book signing opportunity just pass.
I heard some even waited as early as 9am when in fact the book launch was still at 2pm!!!
So how do you score a free invite to this glamorous event?
Of course, you'd have to buy their BESTIES book!
This is my Bestie & I taking our selfies amongst the excited crowd.
We were the 3rd pair to approach George & Solenn!
Thank you SM Megamall for the fast lane pass;
It surely paid off to be one of the Besties Winners.

Besties wouldn't be besties without selfies!
And of course, George & Solenn couldn't resist taking one.

George & Solenn signing my twin sister & I's BESTIES books.
George wrote: "Sophie :) Nice to see you again!"
This is because I had a Haagen Dazs date with her 3 years ago.
Oh, she's just definitely a Woman With Style & Substance.
Just look how adorable we all look!
Don't we just look like a barkada?
I just love how lovely these two are. :)
So you may ask, "Why should I read this book?"
Simple! It's about two highly regarded individuals whose imperfections make them perfect.
Be ready with incredible & surprising revelations:
Their 'Before & After Photoshop Look','No Make Up & With Make Up look & Mean Tweets.

Just a preview of the Besties Book:

Oh! I just love the both of them.
Two besties who are willing to show the world what it means to be bold, brave & beautiful.
And surely when you get your hands on this book,
 You will agree with me too!