Wednesday, September 2, 2015


For every fashionista & stylista at heart,
There's really no such thing as ever too much!
And when an item you're eyeing on suddenly gets on SALE,
Like these gorgeous outfits here ,
Oh, there's really no stopping that credit card from being swiped this time around.
But a real trendsetter and fashion stylist doesn't just buy & buy;

They're also a pro in Mix 'n Match and Wardrobe Makeovers!
So as your stylist, I say: "IT TAKES TWO."

Yes, I just love Sheinside's version of a two-piece---sexy without revealing too much!
The idea of a sexy ribboned crop top with a split skirt is a 100% catch.
But seriously, one has to tie the knot securely or else...
The unthinkable might just happen. (haha!)
Spaghetti Top & Split Skirt | SHEINSIDE
Shoes | SHANA
If you have a revealing top, make sure you wear a maxi skirt;
If you're into mini skirts, make sure you're in a sleeved blouse.
Balance is key as not to mislead anyone 'cause at the end of the day,
 Everyone still wants to be stylish while maintaining a respectable image! 
The best thing about a monochromatic outfit is it elongates your body!
Yes, you'll definitely look taller and sexier with this one.
A two-piece works perfectly well for me!
I'm not fond of repeating the same outfits over & over again so I mix 'n match.
Plain spaghetti strap. Neutral colored tube. Leather skirt. High waist pants.
Yes, with a two-piece, you can already have a week long worth of OOTDs!!!
Earrings | EVER NEW
If two-piece is not your thing, 
Then just sport an outfit that brings out that smile on your face.
Oh, I'm not sexy, but I know I can pull off this look with just the right skin and height!
In the end, it's really all about the confidence you project.
Two-piece Outfit |  SHEINSIDE
Shoes | SHANA
If you like my look, check out this link while it still lasts at:

Always & will be a SHEINSIDE fan,

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Fall In Love With Fall Fashion!

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