Saturday, September 5, 2015

Confessions of An OpenSnap Relationship

It's Complicated?
In a Relationship?
'Cause I'm in an OpenSnap Relationship!

                                                2:05 AM | 09/04/2015

Dear Diary,

Sigh. Why are men like this?! Sometimes they're sweet, sometimes they're insensitive. Sometimes they make you feel like you're the luckiest girl in the world and sometimes you wish you were never in a relationship with him. It's just so hard to explain something to someone when they don't even believe you in the first place. Well, I guess we were really headed down this road. His loss, not mine. Argh!!! I just knew it. I should have just sticked with the love of my life---FOOD! No heartaches. No heartbreaks.
                                                5:45 AM | 09/04/2015

Dear Diary,

I CANNOT SLEEP!!! :| All I can think of right now is how much I hate him! What an *A-hole*! I have to move on with this drama. As my best friend says, "He's not worth a single tear." Maybe she's right.

Anyways, I just have to OpenSnap my way out of this one! 
You bet, I'll be on a food trip the entire day. 
You know me---food is my medicine to everything! 
Oh yes, I'm officially in an OpenSnap Relationship. 

Food trip in San Juan for breakfast, lunch & dinner!!! I'm not even in the mood to cook nor get my hands dirty. Okay, it's time to scout for places to eat. Hmm...Ratings are good at these places: UCC Vienna Cafe, Roots Market Bistro & Cowrie Grill! Now, I have an itinerary. Thanks OpenSnap, my ever reliable food scout partner. :)

image taken from OpenSnap
                                                9:28 AM | 09/04/2015

Dear Diary,

UCC Vienna Cafe for Breakfast.

Thank you for this Sunrise Breakfast. Yes, with food, there's always Sunshine After the Rain. *Yawn!* Hope they don't notice my Panda Eyes. :| Time for my shades.

                                               12:15 PM | 09/04/2015

Dear Diary,

Wow! That Ex With Benefits Movie starring Derek Ramsay & Coleen Garcia was sizzling hot. Now, I'm definitely craving for something creamy, sexy and delicious. Pasta would definitely be it.


                                               11:38 PM | 09/04/2015

Dear Diary,

What a lovely day! Wow. I can't believe all those food actually made me forget the pain. I just seriously had a gastronomic feast with my best friend. Yes, I'm single and ready to mingle. I still have a life you know. I don't wanna mope & cry at home about someone that's not worth it anymore. Moving on with my finale dear diary. Oh, I can't zip up my dress well anymore. *Stomach in* 

COWRIE GRILL for Dinner.

I don't know with you, but the first thing that came into my mind when I heard of COWRIE GRILL were Cows! (haha!). Well, if you & I are in the same wavelength, we are still partly right you know! Yes, Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel is very well known for its chops & steaks! So there is no dieting allowed at this place baby. And for the price of their entrees, it should be worth every calorie! 

Posh is an understatement as you enter this place! From the table set-up, the lighting to the cowrie shells (a type of sea shell more or less egg-shaped with a porcelain-like shine with a slit opening), one can't help but feel like a VIP! Yes, there is a reason why this place is named Cowrie Grill alright.

 The ambiance was just perfect---elegant, inviting and romantic! It's just the kind of place to celebrate special occasions. And my reason for being here is to simply move on with my life, dress up and find a man. *Just kidding*. It'll slowly happen...
If you prefer a more private space, choose the one with curtains for that heart to heart moment with your special someone. Eyes on each other and the food of course!
My notable favorites were:
 Pan-Seared Scallop on Mushroom Risotto
A flavorful display of 3 risottos in herbs, spices & scallops  | Php 440
Presentation, taste & quality are critical in every fine-dining resto, but Cowrie already won me over from presentation alone. Taste & quality were just bonuses to me! From the flavorful creamy risotto to the fresh seafood basket, I just knew I had a bountiful catch.
Mixed Seafood - Prawns, Lobster Tail, Scallop, Seabass, Mussels
Served with pesto linguini, smoked tomato salsa | Php1,800
Caution: No one should leave this place without ordering what Cowrie Grill is known for silly! So treat yourself at all costs. You deserve a generous slab of succulent steak for all those tears and sweat you've been working your ass off. Splurge a little and enjoy life's simple guilty pleasures. Seriously, this is one juicy thing that you shouldn't dare miss. It's just love at first bite. Oh well, I'll just exercise tomorrow...
Roast US Beef Prime Rib
Served in 3 kinds off sauces: Chili Peppercorn Sauce, Bearnaise & Mushroom Gravy

No dining experience is ever complete without dessert. So I'm capping off the night with a sweet treat for my bittersweet ending! Time to face reality again. I'm single & ready to mingle alright. Thanks for accompanying me OpenSnap. I knew I can always rely on you. 
Blueberry New York Cheesecake 
Perfect combination of fresh fruit & cream cheese | Php 250
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