Friday, September 11, 2015

The Dove Girl Effect

"When it comes to #RealCare, Dove is as real as it gets."
And to this tagline, I am a living testament.
Jumpsuit | Apartment8 Clothing 
Being a Dove Girl is easy. 
Once you've tried it, you'll see the difference instantly.
Yes, like you, I've had bad hair days & flat hair problems!
But when I discovered the ‪#‎DoveOxygenNourishment‬ hair effect,
I just knew from there and then that I'd finally get to say goodbye to hairs in braids & buns!

Thanks to my twin who won the  ‪#‎DoveOxygenNourishment‬ contest,
Us Tres Mujeres were able to have an awesome staycation at Aruga by Rockwell.
My Twin Sister & I
My Auntie & I
Upon entering our suite at Aruga,
Us Dove Girls were pampered with lovely surprises:

The rooms were just so spacious & comfortable!
We were tempted to do pillow fights, but we refrained ourselves...
'Cause of Maturity. (haha!)

UCC Coffee was complimentary.
What better way to relax than with an aromatic cup of Joe, right?!

If you're craving for food,
And Aruga's lobby restaurant can't seem to satisfy you,
Don't worry, you can simply cook up, heat up something your tummy desires!
The suite is even equipped with washing machines and dryers too. (Cool!)
And of course, no staycation would ever be complete without selfies!
And you bet, I just love big ass mirrors.
Yes, I  admit I'm vain at times! (Haha!)
I'm just really picky when it comes to my hair & outfit.
Who doesn't wanna look good, right?!
Shades | Sunnies Studios

I just love how modern the shower room looked!
I'm definitely gonna have a long bath, that's for sure.
And guess who's just been named the Best Shampoo of 2015?
Yes, it's none other than the shampoo I use, ‪#‎DoveOxygenNourishment‬ ! (Yay!)
I just took home these Aruga toiletries as I'm very choosy with my Shampoo & Conditioner.
Yes, I'm a self-confessed Dove Girl alright.
Dove works wonders for my hair & skin and that's all that matters!
Okay enough of my suite snapshots!
I just want to seriously thank Dove for this staycation and years of #RealCare.
I've never felt so cared for---
It's as if Dove completely understands every Filipina's problems.

What better way to highlight my staycation than to bond with fellow Dove Girls.
It's just inspiring to hear how Dove changed their lives too as it did to mine.
The experiences were very personal & real and that's how it should always be.
Special thanks to Ms. Julia Ng, the brand manager, for making all these possible!

After the getting to know & sharing your experience session,
We parted ways to explore Aruga by Rockwell more.
Below are snapshots as I head towards the pool area:

Dove is definitely trusted by generations.
And my 50-year old Auntie can effortlessly attest to that.
Isn't she just blooming?!
That's 'cause she uses Dove Bar from head to toe!
Yes, Dove Bar even to shampoo her hair.
You heard that right.
       50 years old             |               26 years old              |                26 years old

Oh, I will seriously miss this place!
Aruga even has a private underground passage directly connected to Rockwell.
No need to cross the streets at night,
'Cause when it comes to Aruga, it's always safety first!

Lobby Entrance
Aruga Reception

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Area at Aruga's Lobby Restaurant
Yes, a sumo meal to end my staycation with a bang!
Indeed, it is with heavy heart that I have to pack my bags to leave.
Oh, thank you Dove for a short and sweet vacation,
Just the perfect escape from my oh-so-busy life!

Try this place out and you'll thank me for this later.

Back to reality,