Sunday, September 27, 2015


When you hear the word 'KIMONO',
What's the first thing that pops up in your head?
I bet you're envisioning the traditional Japanese Garment,
Full length robes with wide sleeves, tied with a sash!

Nope! This ain't the type of KIMONO I'm sporting right now.
I must admit that I'm not even sure how cardigan-like outfits are termed Kimonos.
But truth is, I just love how trendy they are.
It instantly turns any Plain Jane outfit into something eye-catching.

I specifically love my H&M button-down kimono 'cause I can wear it in two ways:
Either as a cardigan cover-up or a loose care-free buttoned top!
And it is indeed the tassel hem that gives my animal print kimono its oomph factor!
I just love how versatile & stylish Kimonos are.
HatDesigual Singapore
| Suki
Let me share with you my favorite Kimono finds from SheIn 
Tassel Hem Kimono. Print Fringed Kimono. Kimono Jackets. Lace Embroidered Kimono. 
Whatever type of kimono you want, they have it! 
Just not the traditional Japanese type of course. :)

White Long Sleeve Floral Print Tassel Kimono

Black Long Sleeve Tribal Embroidered Tassel Kimono

Multicolor Half Sleeve Floral Print Tassel Kimono

White Long Sleeve Crochet Lace Kimono
Shades | Calvin Klein
Button-Style Kimono | H&M Japan
Kimonos are very versatile!
They make you feel chic without trying too hard.
It's effortless styling with maximum comfort.
Indeed the perfect cover-up for hot and cold days alike!
Kimonos come in various patterns, lengths & styles.
So it's definitely the easiest way to update any kind of wardrobe!

Don't worry if you're sporting a monochromatic look.
No need to buy piles of accessories,
Just have a printed kimono handy and I assure you it'll do the trick!
It's the kind of cover-up that never makes you look dull & sick.
At the end of the day, no matter how you want to wear your Kimono,
Just remember that you'll never go out of style,
When you wear your look with a smile that spells CONFIDENCE all over! :)

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