Saturday, October 31, 2015


It's been a month since I last wrote.
Oh, I've been a busy bee lately!
I must say it's been a roller coaster life alright,
But I always choose to hang on tight.

So let me start off with a look which I find magical.
I call it BLUE MAGIC!
Have a feel of my aura from a B&W perspective,
Then observe how the choice of color brings out the royalty in me.
Yes, this is my 'Princess Diaries' kind of look.
Appropriate, decent & elegant without revealing too much.
Oh, just smart casual, nothing too extravagant.
It seems very dressy, but trust me, it's just the BLUE MAGIC effect baby!
There may be those days when you don't feel like accessorizing.
There may be those days when you just feel like keeping it simple.
When those days come, make sure you still stand out,
'Cause even when you're feeling blue, wearing the right hue can save you!

Bag | What Woman Want (WWW by SM)
Shoes | Lyn (bought at Nuvali)
Once you've worn the royal shade of blue,
It's time to choose the statement shoe!
Yes, let your shoes do the talking for you,
'Cause with the right pair, people will simply stop & stare.
Sometimes life shows us a different perspective...
Maybe sepia, saturated, colored or B&W---
It's up to us if we will welcome it or not.
But at the end of the day, what matters most is who we really are,
'Cause style is simply a creative way of sharing our story.
Shades | Shana
Yes, you too, can work any kind of magic.
Blue magic or black magic aside,
Remember the best kind of magic begins with every smile.
Oh, believe me, it's a magic trick that works every time.
It may be hard to smile every time,
But smile because you know there are more reasons too.
Inspire others and make a difference in their lives,
'Cause who knows they can be the reason why you can't take that smile off your face now.
Self-worth translates to self confidence.
When you know yourself well, you'd know what you deserve.
Yes, most girls dream of becoming Princesses, 
Being swept off their feet by their Prince Charmings.
But for me being a woman of style and substance is more than enough.
Being royalty is more than just blood, 
You've gotta live it, you've gotta share it, you've gotta bleed it.
You're royal when you've used that magic in you to change what needs to be changed.
Hope you liked my simple royalty tips,