Sunday, February 28, 2016


Surely, many have watched the political thriller film entitled 'V for Vendetta' starring Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving. The portrayal of a face with an over-sized smile, a wide moustache and red cheeks was a very powerful plot used to attack the government.

When it comes to Politics, V is for Vendetta.
But when it comes to Beauty, V is for Vedette!
Yes, let's look unmasked: Naturally glows with rosy cheeks, a radiant smile & a clear face.

Let's admit it. We can't block off stress from our lives. Whether we like it or not, STRESS haunts us. Who suffers? Our skin! And when our skin suffers, we look like zombies and panda bears, which ain't an attractive scene alright.

So you might ask me, what do I do for that INSTANT glow? I stick with my 3 V's:

1. Vitamins
Yes, I'm definitely not a healthy eater. I love pasta, pizza & everything calorific. At times, I even turn to fast-food due to my hectic schedule. So I'm pretty certain that my body needs supplements from Vitamin A-Zinc. Beauty, too, should be skin deep.
2. Vacation
We need a breather from our busy schedules once in a while. Work without play can't be productive if we're worn out already. Clear thoughts are essential to come up with good strategies. If we have positive emotional levels then we can always win the battle again stress & depression.
3. Vedette
Facial care is very important because it can make or break any look and outfit. Yes, a clear face says a lot about you. If you want to make an impression, make sure you invest in your skin care regimen.

Spas can be inaccessible and expensive. So when I discovered Vedette facial masks, I just knew I no longer need to pile my face with make-up to look stunning. With Vedette, I already have food for my skin.
I'm in love with Vedette's Pearl Whitening Mask, Cucumber Whitening Mask & Strawberry Yoghurt Mask Sheet. It deeply cleanses and exfoliates my skin, bringing back my youthful glow. Every 15-20mins face mask routine is so convenient that whether I'm at the office or at home, I can always squeeze in my R&R session.

So this is my After Vendetta Look!
Oh yes,  I'm ready to face another day!
From the boardroom to the ballroom,
 I'm always confident that my glowing skin and red lipstick will make me shine.
Now you know my secret to my femme fatale look.
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