Saturday, March 19, 2016


I've always dreamed of going to Paris. 
Oh, who wouldn't when it's one of the most romantic & trendiest places in the world?
picture taken from Google
I'm looking forward to waking up to the smell of freshly baked warm buttery croissants, walking past narrow alleys and designer boutiques and capping off my day with a warm cup of coffee while enjoying the view at a quaint coffee shop. Of course, I wouldn't leave Paris without those colorful melt-in-my-mouth macarons!

Yes, Macarons is a two-bite goodness. It's indeed sugar, spice & everything nice! You bet I'm in love with BIZU's Macaron de Paris. Every bite makes me fall in love with Paris. It's a dream that I'm looking forward to becoming a reality. For now, I'm glad that Paris is in the Philippines with Bizu branches just around the corner.

My itinerary wouldn't just involve enjoying wine & cheese in Paris, but of course, exploring the main attractions of Paris: The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre and a Moulin Rouge Show.

I've always admired Parisian Chic Street Styles & Parisian Runway Outfits! I just love how even the most effortless and neutral ensemble can make you stand out with the right accessory. Yes, you may be a minimalist, but still shine bright like diamonds.

So as a Parisian girl, I played with basic and neutral colors to portray an edgier and chic look! Red. White. Black. This trio combo never fails to make an OOTD stand-out. You'll definitely have that Vavavoom effect in an instant! The colors are bold and vibrant so you'll never go wrong with this color combination.
My stylista tips for you today are two-fold: 
1) Have a Signature Pair of Parisian ShoeAs Coco Chanel said: “A woman with good shoes is never ugly!” Yes, the kind of shoes you wear can make or break you. Pick the right pair and you'll go to farther and better places.
Shoes | Parisian

2) Have an elegant Jewelry piece you can wear everyday like Morellato's
Accessories always make you shine more no matter how simple or dressed down you look. Just a simple yet elegant piece can bring your outfit one notch higher. I love Morellato designs because they're classic, elegant yet stylish pieces with a twist!
Bracelet | Morellato
Blouse | SHEIN
Bracelet | MORELLATO
Oh, I can't wait for my next travel escapade. Paris will still be in 3-5 years time since that's the time I'll probably be married if God willing. I've always bugged my mom about Paris, but she'd always say I can go there with my husband in the future since she has already visited Paris. She dreams of traveling the whole world just like me so we accompany each other to see the wonders of the world if time and our schedules permit.

Paris, je t'aime (Paris, I love you!)

'Til I set foot at Paris, I'll always keep on dreaming of you!

("Bisous" meaning Kiss)



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