Thursday, March 31, 2016


If you've been awarded Michelin Star 5x in a row,
 then it must mean one thing, right?!
You bet, I just knew I've got to try this place out alright.
Oh, surely can't let the buzzing bees do all the talking for a certified foodie like me.
So without further ado, let me share with you a love affair with my perfect pair.
Who wouldn't notice Din Tai Fung at SM Megamall?
Even the deaf & the blind would stop here, curious of the long lines & incessant chattering.
I must admit that patience is definitely not my virtue.
So at first, I was hesitant to try this place out, seeing the snake-like queue!
And I murmured to myself: " If only I had a VIP Pass..." (haha!)
But then I decided to check out their queuing strategy as it seems very organized.
And lo & behold, I'd actually rate it with a 5-star waiting while walking experience!
Upon approaching the counter, I was given a queue number & a mini menu order checklist.
This strategy is no doubt very efficient and practical.
Your queue number will fall under one of the four seating capacity brackets.
So from there, you'll be able to estimate how long your waiting time will be.
So I just got a number and continued my shopping nearby.
Just be sure you'll be back before your number gets flashed to the public!
Or else you'll have to get a new number and wait for all these people to satisfy their hunger.
You'll definitely give up waiting this time around.
So now for the moment we are all waiting for,
The Center of Attraction & All of Our Attention:
"Let's give it up to the masters of Xiao Long Bao,
The highlight of tonight's sumptuous feast!"
Yes, they've mastered the art of rolling and folding indeed.
I've gathered it takes around 18-21 folds to perfect each Xiao Long Bao Moment.
Oh, they're gonna have stiff necks with all those non-stop XLB orders!
Finally, I've entered the place!
Of course, the place was packed, but serving time was quite fast.
Thanks to their tick your orders while waiting strategy.
So now, let me ask you: 
"Can you think of that one first kiss that's guaranteed never to break your heart?"
Yes I that I had my #FirstXLBKiss! <3
Pork Xiao Long Bao    PHP 315 (10 pcs.)    |   PHP 160  (5pcs.)
Yes, it's easy to break up with tasteless boyfriends, but breaking up with Din Tai Fung's juicy Xiao Long Bao will always be out of the equation. Yes, my twin & I have a give & take relationship, but when it comes to who gets the last piece of Xiao Long Bao, that's when the real heartache begins. So to satisfy both hungry tummies, we just had to order a second round. And that's when we've realized we're in love with the same guy with acronyms DTF. OMG!
That will be our little secret okay?!

Yes, forgive us, but we fell in love with the same guy named DTF!
Oh! Twins do have the same taste after all.

Aside from the must-order Xiao Long Baos, I'd also strongly recommend their 3 other dishes which brought out the sizzle and dazzle in me! Oh, the burst of flavors of these dishes are something I'd never forget. Mouthwatering indeed.

1)  Noodles with House Special Spicy Sauce | PHP 120
2) Dan Dan Noodles with Spicy Sesame & Peanut Sauce  | PHP 135
3) Salted Egg Yolk Prawns |   PHP 375
You know how twins are: We can become mortal enemies or simply the best of friends! Yes, we have our own likes and dislikes, but when it comes to Xiao Long Bao, we don't even have any argument. In fact, we don't even have to say a thing. It's understood that when we're craving for Xiao Long Bao, there's no other place we'd be found in but Din Tai Fung of course!
From the very moment Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Bao tickled our tastebuds, we just knew we'd lose our virginity with our magical #FirstXLBKiss ! It was indeed love at first smack.

Looking forward to experiencing more magical moments here at Din Tai Fung brought to us by The Moment Group. Thank you!!!