Saturday, April 9, 2016


Oh yes, relationships sizzle because of these!
Image taken from a Pinterest Post
The thing with dating though, the flavor of the day may change,
And that's when the real heartache begins...

So if you want some consistency in your life,
 you can always count on CAROUSEL CREAMERY!
Carousel Creamery | 8 Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan
So whatever you're craving for, 
Whatever mood you're in,
 They've got your flavor covered.
And yes, you'll always have that smile on your face at this place!
Deciding which flavor to order out of the 101 flavors was such a dilemma,
That I felt like an annoying kid demanding for ice cream!
Every flavor look intriguing and exciting,
That my taste buds just gave in the moment I stepped in.
The Owner Mr. Lincoln Cheong with Carousel Creamery's Staff
Don't worry, Carousel Creamery's staff is more than willing to help you find your flavor.
And if you're lucky enough, you can interview Mr. Lincoln Cheong,
 the man behind this mouthwatering Carousel Creamery 101 flavor concept!
Feeling Blue? Drink up with their BAILEY's ice cream!
Want to play a Prank? Order WASABI for a frenemy.
Just a Plain Jane? Stick with your usual COOKIES & CREAM.
Need a warm up? Have that instant wake me up COFFEE & DONUTS scoop. 
Feeling Sweet? Have a bite of that APPLE PIE!
Looking for a 'Healthier' Alternative? Have a cup of that EARL GREY TEA.
Need an Adrenaline Rush? Go for that RED PEPPER & WALNUT twist
Missing Beer Pong Sessions? Go unlimited scoops with BEER & CHICHARON
Feeling Moody? Walk it off with GINGER & HONEY
Craving for Comfort? Wrap it up with oozing CHEESE & BACON.
Feeling Despicable? Say it with DURIAN. 
Oh, nothing else could make my day,
Except for something insanely sweet. 
It’s not boys that make me fall in love day by day, 
But desserts the melt in my mouth everyday.

A taste of heaven in every dessert slice,
You certainly won’t mind saying “whoops!”
To calories that pile up in loops,
Oh my, it’s just so damn good!

This place doesn't just serve ice creams.
They have Espresso Shakes & Hotdogs too.
Yes, it's the perfect place to chill, relax and be cozy with your special someone.


No wonder this place is always packed!

Kids & Kids at heart can't resist stopping by at this place.
Who can resist the urge when there's freaking 101 flavors to choose from?!
You'd actually be lucky enough if you can score a seat here.
It seriously gets crowded especially 'cause it's summer time.
Handcrafted and customized for all kinds of moodswings,
Carousel Creamery will definitely hype you up no matter what mood you're in.
Here, you'll always be the flavor of the day.
'Cause the flavor of the day's what you pay!
“She loved me at my worst. You had me at my best and you chose to break my heart .”
In Carousel Creamery, there's no breaking of hearts, just mending of hearts. 
Here, it's not just One More Chance, but 101x to fall in love all over again!
There is really no 3-month rule after a break-up. 
But if you believe in that and you need to drown yourself in tubs of ice cream, 
Carousel Creamery won't let you down.
It'll give you that 3 months supply of sweet endings.
Yes, those 90 days would be very exciting rather than boring!
Just like falling for the charms of Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass,
Who wouldn’t be obsessed over mouthwatering desserts? 
Just a sight…just a taste…would make you lust for more.
Oh, I bet you'll scream for ice cream too!
This is the place to feel better, not the place to become bitter.
Let's see if we are meant to be.
Oh tell me what's your flavor. 
Who knows that might be my flavor too!
So let's have an ice cream date soon alright?
Here at Carousel Creamery if I may suggest!
I still 96/101 flavors to indulge in.

Cooling off with the Summer Heat,