Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I've always loved the Cherry Blossoms in Japan.
It's not just the blooming season which I admire,
But also the falling period of Cherry Blossom petals!
Oh, it's such a bittersweet change that leaves me breathless.
Life, as we know it, never fails to surprise us.
One day, we're up, the next moment, we're down.
One year ago, we're healthy, the next year, we're frail.
Yes, just like the Sakura season, life, too is a bittersweet transition.
Life, indeed, is short yet beautiful.
Piece by piece, as the petals fall, reminds us how fragile life is.
We've got one shot in life so let's live it right:
Live to inspire. Live to learn. Live to give back. And live to make a difference.


As a fashion blogger, fashion is no doubt my best form of self-expression.
It's my simplest yet most powerful form of self confidence.
Whenever friends or strangers would compliment me for my OOTDs,
I'd feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that there is beauty in my style.

I'm more of a trend-setter rather than a follower of trends.
I wear what fits my personality, what my mood dictates & what suits me best.
Dress | People R People
Belt | Shein
Shoes | Parisian

My style is very SOPHIEsticated.
Yes, I love intricate cut-outs & designs which are very edgy yet feminine at the same time.
Belts are always a great idea to accentuate the waist.
And nude heels are perfect to make you look
SHADES | Sunnies Studio

I have a rollercoaster kind of life--too much drama at times!
But every experience is an opportunity to learn and become the best version of myself.
I don't really regret anything 'cause I know that at one point in my life, I've wanted it too.
I move on, I let go, I change, I grow and most importantly, I learn.

Giving back to society is not just all about financial help.
Time, effort and volunteer work are crucial too in giving back to society.
There are moments in our lives when we may feel down, useless & worthless,
But the very moment we are able to put a smile on others' faces becomes priceless.

I've learned that to give back is not to expect anything in return.
It is the genuine willingness to help and serve that makes the whole experience meaningful.
It's happiness beyond measure; It's love without boundaries & conditions.

Smiling is by far the easiest & most effective way to make a difference.
Yes, one's positivism creates a domino effect like no other.
I have found several reasons to smile at life as of the moment no matter how crazy it gets.
May my smile continuously inspire more people to have brighter perspectives in life too.
As someone recently created this for me, "SMILES FOR MILES CAMPAIGN"
I'd like to spread more smiles too to people who cross paths with me.
Surely, every smile goes a long way, miles away.
May it be a ripple effect that continuously inspires greater things to bloom.

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