Friday, August 5, 2016

How I Make Worklife Easier

Stress is a bittersweet relationship that everyone gets to experience once in their lives. Yes, those cups of Joe and obsessed glances at your phone connote that you’re probably a busy bee alright! Every beep makes you worry, every delay heightens your stress level and every failure makes you go insane. Work’s never easy as it demands the same time, effort and commitment required to make a relationship work.

As a businesswoman, entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger, I feel there’s not enough time in this world. Sometimes I tend to give up my social life just to give my career a big boost. Yes, you know something’s very valuable to me when you notice my eye bags and pimples starting to pop! But you know, I care not ‘cause I know what I’m doing is going to be worth it for sure. I admit I have very high standards so whether I like it or not, my stress level unfortunately doubles.

“Mediocrity” and “Impossible” are two words that don’t exist in my vocabulary. So you may ask, how do I lessen worklife stress & hassle? Let me share with you my 8 beautiful distractions:

1) Gugu Gaga Therapy

Babies are my Achilles heel! I just love seeing cute babies and downloading their pictures as my mobile phone wallpaper. Who wouldn’t gush over adorable baby pictures? Imagine baby blue eyes, blonde hair with a cute teddy bear while eating ice cream. Aww! That’s definitely a lovely feeling for me. Oh, these cutie pies remind me of innocence and simplicity, of how to laugh and look at life in a child’s perspective.

2) Back to Back Therapy

Remember you don’t necessarily have to go to the masseuse for a massage! Yes, you can simply get a two minute should and back massage from your work colleague. Just make sure you take turns massaging each other to help ease muscle pains. A simple hug and even a pat at the back can make you feel better. Relaxing doesn’t need to be costly, a sense of touch from someone that matters usually does the trick to help alleviate your stress. Trust me on this!

3) Heart to Heart Therapy
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Talking to someone gives you an opportunity to unload and lighten your baggage. Having a support system barkada at work is very important to help face a stressful work environment. It’s good to know that someone has your back. If your friend is not a good adviser, he can just be a listener. A heart to heart talk will always make you feel better. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Check with your mates and learn to delegate tasks. You don’t have to do everything on your own. Let go of your pride and ego. Who knows other people can make you someone you never thought you could be. Their ideas can make you see things in a better perspective. Talk about the silliest and most serious topics. Who knows the simplest and most random brainstorming can solve your work dilemmas and make you shout: Checkmate!

4) Coffee-Doughnut Therapy
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With this I mean, freshly brewed coffee and the aroma of freshly baked pastries and croissants. Sugar, spice & everything nice is and will always be the best mood changer. Something so warm, pleasant and aromatic will never fail to calm your mind, feed your belly and warm your soul. It’s the perfect distraction from your worries. 

5) Lips to Nail Therapy 
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Bright colors make me feel cheerful while dull colors make me sad. So when work gets tough, I’d love to wear something colorful that would effortlessly speak my mind. I love swiping that red lipstick if I want to look more confident in the boardroom. Red makes us look strong, powerful and energetic. It instantly brightens my face from a Zombie look to a Game-face on. But if I’d like to look more sweet and charming, I’d swipe on a pink lipstick instead to look friendlier and more approachable. Yes, colors are fashionable statements that inspire and create a positive vibe. Whenever I look at pops of colors, it automatically makes me feel better and happier. Shine bright like diamonds, shine bright by saying it with your lips.

6) Pop the Pill Therapy

No matter how many orange juice we drink, we’ll never reach the daily C intake we need. Yes, something so small can make a big difference in our lives. Fern C is my spinach pill. I feel more energetic and healthy. Yes, with Fern-C, I’ve not really used my SL and VL at work yet. Fern-C is definitely a game-changer in my life. It's the secret to my 'Game-Face' look alright. Trust me Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!. It’s definitely Subok Na! in making the stress and hassle of going to work and coping with work deadlines easier and more bearable. With Fern-C, I feel I’m in the best shape ever. Take Fern- C and C the difference too. Best of all, less trips to the restroom and no more bed rests because Fern C is made of Sodium Ascorbate, which is non-acid so no more stomach upsets! 

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7) Positive Vibes Brainwashing Therapy

Breathe in breathe out. Bring out your Ipod and play songs that fill your soul. Take a 15-minute walk to clear your head and walk off your stress. Gaze upon the wonder of sunsets and sunrise. Be amazed with how great the world is! Watch a short movie during your lunch break. Most importantly, do positive self-talk. “I can do this.” “Nothing is impossible.”“There’s no such thing as it can’t be done.”“If he did it, why couldn’t I?” Keep moving. Dance, jump, stretch even at the office. Just don’t be stiff because it will wear you down.

8) The Planner Therapy

Writing down your thoughts is always helpful. Having a personal planner is essential for me so I can better manage my work schedule. Yes, labeling your priorities either high, low or medium priority is definitely a breather. This way, you’d know how much time to allocate to something. Remember, life should not be all work without play. Save and splurge a little. Work hard but also party later.
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No one wants to be an ugly duckling so make sure to smile more. Remember there’s always sunshine after the rain. Life may give us endless possibilities & opportunities, but at the end of the day, it's all about knowing one's priorities. Stress is controllable so try to be calm during the storm. Clear your mind and weigh your options. It’s really up to you how to act and react to a stressful situation. You can either break down or rise up from your problems, but remember never give up on your dreams no matter what! Each one of us has different stress levels so it’s up to us how we’re going to deal with them. Hopefully, I was able to help you unload your work stress! Don’t worry if you look crazy and stupid at times when you handle stress. Live a little. Laugh a lot. Life shouldn’t be lived too seriously every single time.

Don’t worry because there’s always the right therapy for everything. For now, eat desserts and smile. There’s a reason why stressed is desserts spelled backwards right?!