Sunday, August 14, 2016


'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe, I hate to go

Who cares?!
 When I'm cast away @ Balesin Isand!
Seriously, if I could get stranded in an island, you’d know where to find me.
Yes, I must confess: Balesin made me sin!
"How?", you may ask.
Oh,  I’ve been a cam whore, a drama queen & a lazy fat pig all at the same time & place.
700 photos in 3 days?! 
Yes, you heard that right.
Oh, what can I do when every nook & corner is just perfect for a photo shoot.
May my travel post inspire you too to have an adventure in this beautiful island someday.
Allow me to take you in a magical carpet ride overlooking Balesin Island.
Unbelievable sights.
Indescribable feelings.
Every turn a surprise.
It’s a Whole New World in this island!
Balesin is just a 20-minute plane ride from Metro Manila, departing from Alphaland Hangar.
Believe me when I say that this 500-hectare island is paradise!
It’s nothing you ever imagined---you'll be enchanted.

Our adventure to this exclusive island couldn't have been possible if it weren't for my friend!
Thanks for the special privilege pass to set foot in this strictly for members only island.
Believe it or not, you’d actually feel like you've rented the entire beach resort all for yourself.

So to give you an idea, a turbo prop aircraft will take you to the breathtaking destination.
It'll approximately costs Php8,000 per person.

While an overnight stay in a villa good for 4 approximately costs Php24,000 a night. 
We stayed at Phuket village, which is located in the southern part of Balesin Island.
Our villa had an outdoor deck overlooking the beach front.
You may ask what's so special with Balesin aside from its exclusivity and privacy?
Well, this island can boast of its 7 themed villages & 7 authentic cuisines.
Oh, you bet the inner pig in me cannot be contained at all!

Filipino. Indonesian. Thai. Greek. French. Spanish. Italian.
Whatever cuisine you're craving for, they're bound not to disappoint.
Each place never fails to impress and make you gush over something so picturesque.

And who would have thought that you can see 7 wonders in just 1 island?

Why spend on several plane tickets when you can just spend on 1?! 

Feast your eyes with the best of:
Balesin, Bali, Phuket, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Costa del Sol and Toscana

Of course, what's a beach without basking in the sun, sand and pristine waters, right?
So girls & boys, let's come out and play!

Oh, excuse my flabby beach body, 

I just can't stand leaving this island without a memory of this view. 
All I can say is 'Wow! I'm seriously not dreaming."

Thanks to Leevan and his GoPro, our beach pictures turned out to be spectacular!
Yes, burn, burn, burn baby.
Please don't burn our skin, just focus on burning our fats, okay?
If sunbathing ain’t your thing, don’t worry, there's various activities to keep you busy.
From archery, fishing, rock climbing, paint ball, scuba diving, tennis, wakeboarding, airsoft, boxing, yoga, ballroom dancing, karaoke to mahjong. Yes, it's a long long list alright!
But if you just want a soothing massage, they'll definitely pamper you the Balesin Way!

Part of my bucket list is to go horse riding by the beach.

Yes, I just love drama you see! 

Definitely worth my Php896 for 30mins of grand entrance & exit!
Exploring the island on horse-back  is something I’d recommend aside from having great pictures! I’m pretty amazed that the horses Krista & I rode were the exact horses Heart Evangelista & Chiz Escudero rode in Balesin for their Wedding shoot. How cool is that!
Thank God my bestie and I just chose a pony only ‘cause from how I saw it,
 they actually looked like a full grown horse alright! Aaaah!
 I was a bit worried that the horse might suddenly go loco by the beach.
Good thing, I was able to control it and toughen up for the experience.

I also tried paddle boarding & fell a couple of times.

Kayaking was fun too, but rowing under the scorching sun required much effort too.
Oh, felt like I was in a gym session toning my triceps.
Too bad, no photos for these adventures,
Can’t risk drowning my phone and losing amazing Balesin photos.

After all our indoor and outdoor activities, 

We couldn't help bond over wine and cheese, 

Outsmarting each other over board games, 
And not to mention scaring each other out with ghost stories.
Exploring the island is so convenient!
You can just call or inform any staff member in Balesin where you’re off to,
And lo and behold, a golf cart / jeepney will take care of you in a few minutes.
Definitely hassle and worry free!
We all hope that someday, you too, can set foot in this island.
'Cause we bring home smiles on our faces with relaxation painted over.

Pictures may paint a thousand words, but memories last a lifetime.
And this is one of those special memories with amazing friends that I’ll forever keep.
This is just the kind of hypnosis I’d willingly fall for over and over again. 
Truth be told, I’d love to have my Pre-nup shoot here if I’m getting married anytime soon. 
No words can fully explain the magic I’ve felt in my 3-day weekend getaway.
Yes, I'd be willing to get stranded in this island any time any day.
You bet no amount of pictures can ever give justice to the splendor of this place.
I'll leave this place for now with the thought that I'll be back.
Oh, I just can't wait to be scene-zoned @ Balesin once again.

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