Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Oh, let's start 2017 right with a bright sight !
It's just been 17 days after the New Year and I've been hearing engagements everywhere.
My, my, this is an exciting year alright, aside from the fact that I'm turning 28 in less than a month!!!
A hopeless romantic that I am, I swoon over love stories & sweet beginnings.
Yes, I believe in 'Happy Ever Afters' 'cause love makes flaws still look perfect.
I don't know with you, but I start every new year with my 3-step mantra:
1) Hook up with a new look ! 

Your hair frames your face. It can either make you look young and blooming or old and boring. Yes, it is indeed your crowning glory so make sure your locks can captivate that hunk you're eyeing. Highlight, color, rebond, relax, shorten, extend---whichever your choice, wear your look with confidence. Everyone would love to have that 'Look at Me' effect!

Clutch | Asos

2) Bang it up by flashing your sexy back ! 

New Year gives me reasons to sport a new look & a new dress. And this is by far my most favorite New Year look. "How so?", you may ask. It's trendy yet versatile. It's simple yet stylish. It's sexy without revealing too much. Yes, I can wear this even on the streets without looking overdressed. So for those of you asking, I got this OOTD from Sammydresshttp://www.sammydress.com/?lkid=353972 ), one of my favorite online shopping sites!


3) Play that flashback!

Life is something no one can fully comprehend. We strive hard to get the things we want, but sometimes end up not getting it. We wish for a man who is this and that, but end up having someone completely opposite. God really does move in mysterious ways. Sometimes things happen when we least expect it to and what we once thought of never made sense anymore. It is in those years, in those moments and in our precious experiences that we grow in wisdom. We cry, we smile. We fall, we rise. In the end, what matters most is standing right back up when we thought we never could anymore. Yes, it is in the learning experience that every journey becomes more significant than the supposed destination. Take time to reflect as to how your 2016 has been. Don't be afraid to turn your 'what ifs' & 'what could have beens' to 'been theres' and 'done thats'. Aim to be better than yesterday. Aim to be a better version of yourself every single day.

Dress | Sammydress
Shades | Shana

'Tis the beginning to tick off more items in your bucket list. Yes, like you, I am afraid yet excited of what 2017 has to offer. I do not have everything I need and want, but I will continuously be thankful for having such a blessed life. Even in those trying times, God gave me someone to lean on and that's more than enough for me. Hopefully, I have inspired you to face 2017 with a breath of confidence, knowing that even the simplest thing you do can inspire & make someone smile without you even ever knowing it.

Remember, your outfit is your statement of confidence.
Own your look, smile & stand out amongst the crowd.
Who knows you can be the sunshine in someone else's life?!

‘Til my next SOPHIEsticated post,