Monday, February 13, 2017

Date Idea : A Wet 'n Wild Ride @ Tagaytay!

February is indeed the month of hearts. Not only do you hear wedding bells here & there, but also the cheesiest & grandest proposals you can ever imagine. If you're single this coming V (Valentine's)-day, don't fret, for this I promise you, single or in a relationship, you'll still enjoy V (vacation)-day!

Schedule a daytrip to Tagaytay. It's an adventure you'd never forget. Yes, you can take your special someone or even your family to an exciting day trip right this instant. For now, skip that predictable candlelight dinner at Antonio's or that coffee stop at Bag of Beans 'cause Tagaytay can give you more than just a typical date experience! 

So let's get into the Wet 'n Wild details, shall we? Basically, the itinerary revolves around horse back riding for the breathtaking view of Taal Volcano, boat riding at Talisay and capping off the day with coffee and dinner at Tagaytay Highlands and a romantic stroll at Escala Hotel!
Yes, you'll feel like Mr. Stark here at the newly opened Escala Hotel in Tagaytay. Bring your butts over her for this spectacular view. The place is so modern that its architecture is just beyond words. I could definitely get used to waking up with this kind of view every single day. If you have time left, take a dip into their cantilever pool too!
Budget: Php1500-Php2000 would be safe. The boat and horse ride costs around Php1,000 per person. Trust me, this escapade is worth it! So set aside your budget. It's not very heavy for your pockets. Instead of flowers, you can surprise your love with this trip instead. She'll surely love it too. 
Horseback Riding. It's not the typical horse ride where you just ride on a straight path. This one goes uphill & downhill! Heart pounding at some steep areas. The horseback riding took around 1 hour round trip. What's fun here is you really feel it galloping and speeding up and down the rocky mountain. Don't worry, there's a trained person running around with you, holding the leash of your horse to control it as you go up and down. Just hold on tight and you'll be okay. 
I've never saw Taal in a captivating perspective up until this moment. I just love this shot! The 1 hour ride was a thrill to reach this breathtaking destination.
Oh, I'm missing the wind blowing on my face and the excited heartbeat I got as I pass through different stations of the rocky mountain. 
And my, my, don't forget to cap off your trail with a big ass buko juice. Yum! This is included in the package rate we got for the horse back riding and the boating. 
Oh, got the straw hots as souvenirs too. Tip: Ask the tour guide for the souvenir hat for you to be able to bring it home too. *Wink Wink*
Boating at Talisay. The boat ride was perfect. It emptied and cleared my mind from the stress of work & life. Nature really does make wonders. 
Getting lost in the beauty of the vast sea is a feeling I always long for. It was a splash I'd want to experience all over again. Yes, I got soaked from head to toe! And I loved it! Haha. 
Tagaytay Highlands Stopover for Dinner. We were lucky enough to have a member with us so we were able to tour around the vicinity of this exclusive place. 
So what are you waiting for? Book your trip now! This is a great date idea for those who want to experience something Wet 'n Wild this V day! 
For Valentine's or just a vacation, your loved one will surely thank you for a weekend to remember. This I promise you.
‘Til my next trip,