Tuesday, February 28, 2017


February has always been an exciting month for me.
 Aside from it being my birthday month (Gosh, 28!!!),
 It's also the time when colorful hot air balloons fill up the sky in Clark, Pampanga!
Aaaaah, too bad, I've missed it again.
Yes, 'Up, Up, Away on a hot air balloon!', has and will always be part of my bucket list. I may not be able to experience it locally, but hopefully someday, I'll get to experience riding one overlooking the jungle/wildlife perhaps. Surely, this time around, it'll be twice more scenic, adventurous and breathtaking getting blown away in a foreign land, right?
So if you like my look here,
the secret is just to play with colors.
Don't be afraid to wear pops of colors,
'Cause you bet it'll make you stand out in a bubbly & perky way.
Oh, I just love pastel colors.
It's always a fun yet friendly look,
Perfect for my bright & bubbly character alright!
"Life is like a balloon, if you never let yourself go, 
you'll never know how far you can rise."
Hold on to the things that matter & just let go of the things that make you sad.
Go. Grow, Learn. And Let Go!
Smile more 'cause it can take you miles away.
Trust me on this one.
‘Til my next post,