Sunday, September 29, 2013


Most are born to fit in. 
Some are born just to blend in. 
Only few can stand out.
But I can easily fit in, blend in & stand out!

Oh yes, I'm painting it green this time!
Green is not really my cup of tea,
But don't you agree?
Green just perfectly renews my free-spirited aura!

So let me show you 2 settings with 1 look.

Wedge | Wade
Skirt | Muffin Clothing

My tip for you today to rock this simplistic look is MIND THE DETAILS!
Accessories can make or break any look.
So make sure you add some sizzle by playing with the right blings.
Green Fairy Top | Soigné Clothing

My sassy sweet girl look makes me stand out from the city.
Don't you agree?
It's as if I bring color to a dull neighborhood!
Before I move to the next setting, come meet my twin!
Twinie's rocking her party look with a similar top also from Soigné Clothing.
Oh girls, you should definitely check this store out for the latest finds!

Necklace | Murano Glass Fulvia from Venice
Shades | Fly Shades

Have you noticed how a change of setting can spice up one's look?
This definitely brings more drama to my look!
And of course, the glitzy pieces are part of the style factor.
Bracelet | Marcella
Chameleons change color not to hide from predators.
They change color because of their moods!
Oh, I bet you didn't know that one too!!!

Fashion don't just define you. 
It re-invents you!
It paints a colorful picture of who you are.
It's really the way you carry yourself that brings out the life in your clothes.

Fashion, for me, is a personality and mood indicator.
It is the most creative and stylish way of expression.
It is the simplest way of gauging a person and leaving an impression!

Change is really the most constant thing in this world.
Moods change.
 People change. 
Circumstances change.
But my love and taste for fashion won't ever change!

-Credits to my special photographer friend Sean Co for my awesome shots!-