Thursday, October 3, 2013


Oh got that right! 
I'm on my way to my 1 HOUR OF FAME in Hongkong!!!
You may ask why board this???
'Cuz the only way up to the PEAK TOWER is this!!!

Oh yes...I know I know I'm late for my RED CARPET GRAND ENTRANCE!
But look at the bright side, all eyes are on me now.
This stage is mine!
Yeah! 1 more check in my bucket list.
A Starlet in my dreams...

So if you want to experience the life of A-Listers & be part of tabloids,
Just move your ass to: 

OR you can choose from 13 other locations:

*Las Vegas*London*New York*Shanghai*
*Sydney*Tokyo*Washington DC*Wien*Wuhan*

So who did I meet???
You'll be surprised!
Oh hello Albert! Thank you for the Einstein genes!!!
Rembrandt Van Rijn's Masterpiece
Oh! Such a THRILLER with MJ!!!
Dressing up for the full blown effect! Oh, what a copycat!
Princess D and her 2 lovely Princess-to-be
The Future Heir to the British Throne
The Controversial Chat with China President Xi Jinping
As my walk of fame is almost over,
I'd like to introduce you to Marie Tussaud, the name behind this museum.
She's one figure often neglected, but without this lady, there will be no 1 hour of fame!!!
Marie Tussaud and her Protégée in Wax Modelling

This place is more than just a WAX MUSEUM!
It's where every girl's and every boy's fantasy come to life.
A chance to get this close & personal with famous personalities?
No rails? No bodyguards? No limits?
Oh yes! That's possible only at Madame Tussauds!

Thanks Tiffany Ng for taking these lovely photos... Love ya Cuz!
The 3 Stooges: Twinie | Sophie | Tiffany
Thanks Madame Tussaud for all those photo ops!
Now, I'm back to reality as still an aspiring fashion blogger/model.

Skirt | Apartment8
Shades | Calvin Klein (gift from SM Accessories)
Brogues | The Carrier Pigeon Project (TCCP)
So in everything you do, you wear, you say,
 JUST BE YOURSELF as your personality will definitely shine through it!